Why I Love My Denomination…

Ok, more like "realy, realy like."

Last week the The Free Methodist Church (FMC) voted in favor of moving Chapel of Change from Church Planting Project status to Church status.  I know the first thing you thought was, "What is Free Methodist?"  Don't worry. I thought the same thing too a couple years ago.

You can learn more about FMC in this link- https://fmcsc.org/

In short, the FMC is a 150 year Christian movement that has been dedicated to preaching the Gospel and fighting for the disenfranchised.  I like that.  Legacy.

Here's my top reasons why I really, really like The Free Methodist Church.

1. We are Kingdom-minded.
     This means we put the big "C" over the little "C."  We value partnerships and relationships with other ministries, pastors and movements.  Picture John Wesley and John Calvin sipping Starbucks together.   On the streets, they would say we don't "set trip."  We understand that one church cannot do it all.

2. We value education AND the calling of God.
     A lot of denominations value education more than the calling of God.  If you're going to be a pastor, you need to have a master's degree or better.  But FMC doesn't sacrifice pastors on the altar of education.  

3. We value the multi-ethnic church movement.
     Now as a whole, we still have steps to take on this issue, but we are taking them and not just talking about them.  This year we were a major sponsor of the Mosiax National Multi-ethnic Church Conference, which is the face of the multi-ethnic movement.  And we have two of the most multi-ethnic churches in Long Beach (One of them Chapel of Change, yeah God!).

4. We prioritize church planting.
     This is huge for me for obivious reasons (I'm a church planter..lol..).  People look at the fruitfulness of CoC and wonder how?  Submitting to godly leadership under the FMC was the best church planting decision our leaders made.  It put us around fruitful leaders.  It help to give us accountability and wisdom.  And they financially invested in us in a huge way.

5. They are cool people.
     Yes, that's true.  

Denominations as a whole have a bad rep in a lot of young peoples' minds,  mostly for reasons that happened a 100 years ago.  

But Chapel of Change is proud to stand on the shoulders of a 150 year legacy of believers who have been preaching the Gospel and fighting for the poor.  That excites me!  It's good to belong.

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