What I Teach Our Leaders

Last night we had our Leadership Summit.  This is a quarterly meeting with the main influencers in our church.  The ones putting in major work for the Lord week after week. 

I thought it would be good to allow you to be like a fly on the wall to check out some things I teach our leaders.

1.Effective leaders recruit and form teams.
    This is a key skill to an effective leader.  Jesus recruited a team. Apostle Paul recruited a team.  And so should you if you're going to be an effective leader. 
     Leaders don't do everything by themselves.  They enlist people to help them accomplish the mission.  I watch for people who are able to form teams.

2. Effective leaders are tour guides not travel agents.
     Like most good leadership nuggets, that nugget didn't orginate with me.  I learned it from John Maxwell.  Tour guides walk with people through their journey.  Travel agents send others to places they themselves have never been.  Effective leaders model what they want accomplished.

3. Effective leaders learn how to manage ministry anxiety.
     In a rapid growing church, you will have many opportunities to grapple with ministry anxiety.  People will tell you about all their "concerns" about the church and how things should be.  You will be tempted to rush into action, but don't.  Step back.  Breathe and pray.  Don't allow the anxiety to overcome you.

4. Who is following you?
    Someone once said, "He who calls himself a leader but has no one following him, is just taking a walk."  I challenge our leaders to have at least 5-10 disciples in the church.  I regularly ask them, "Who are you taking out for coffee?" "Who are you texting personal encouragement to?"  I empower them to form their own mini-church within the congreation.

BONUS – I challenge our leaders to use the 15 minutes after church to connect with new people or people who need to take next steps into the life of the church.  Those 15 minutes are an important time slot in the life of the church.  For a lot of people, it's the only time you will get to connect with them in a week. It's not the time for leaders to fellowship with each other or talk about the Lakers. 

Please forgive me for bragging, but our church has some amazing leaders.  Leaders who are sacrificng time, money and tears to build up God's kingdom.  Their faith excites me to keep giving my all to God's purposes in our generation.

P.s.- I learned most of these leadership principles during my time on staff at Light & Life Christian Fellowship North Long Beach.  Submiting to a healthy church before we launched was one of our best decisions in our church planting journey. 

P.s.s- If you know someone who wants to launch a church in the next couple years, send them our way.  We will train them, empower them and support them.

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