Ministry is caught more than taught. The best place to catch it is where it is happening. Chapel of Change is a church where God is doing ministry in a special way.  We’re a multi-ethnic, multi-generational and multi-campus church, which puts us in the top tier of fruitful churches in America.

In 2016 Chapel of Change was recognized as one of the top 5 fastest growing churches in the nation within Free Methodist Church, USA.  In 2017 Chapel of Change broke an attendance record with 2000+ people attending Easter services – at only 4 ½ years old.
SoM seeks to follow the discipling process used by Jesus. He spent time with His disciples and put them in situations where they had to reproduce the things they were learning and seeing. They watched His ministry and followed His example. Teaching was integrated with real life.
SoM gives opportunity to learn ministry skills while going on a leadership journey with Pastor Brian, his team and participating in ministry at Chapel of Change.  With that in mind, SoM is not about a lot of lectures, but more so a journey of discovery.
SoM’s purpose is to help produce effective leaders for our generation.

Tuition: $350.00 donation to We Believe Building Campaign.
*Deposit of $75.00 must be paid on or before first class.
*Balance of tuition can be paid with 5 installments of $55.00 (May, June, Aug., Sept. & Oct.)
*Tuition installments are to be paid at the first gathering of each of the designated months.

*Student must purchase online “The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Handbook” by Derick Prince in March.

Notes:We meet several times monthly for 9 months.
Students must complete reading assignments and special projects.
Students must serve on a team on Sundays at Chapel of Change.
Students must not miss any gatherings, except for emergencies.
If students miss more than 2 gatherings, they will be disqualified from the co-hort.
Your application is due no later than March 4.
Students must fill out their check lists.
Students must be clean from alcohol or drugs for at least 6 months.
Students must be saved and serious about serving the Lord.
Student is to complete all assignments and projects.
Dates subject to change.


Key Dates:
MARCH:Relational Leadership – Thur., March 15 @ 7pm
Project: Recruiting Team to Pass Out Door Hangers – Sat., March 24 @ 9am

How to Study the Bible – Thur., March 29 @ 7pm

APRIL: Sunrise Unity Service – Sunday, April 1 @ 6am
Conflict Resolution – Thur., April 12 @ 7pm
Spiritual Life of a Leader – Thur., April 26 @ 7pm
Serve the City – Sat., April 28 @ 7:30am


*Start and Complete Discipleship Packet by June 28.
Free Methodist Distinctives – Thurs., May 17 @ 7pm
Life of Prayer – Thurs., May 24 @ 7pm


JUNE:Prep Meeting for International Festival /Discipleship Packet Review – Fri., June 15 @ 7pm
Prep Meeting for International Festival / Discipleship Packet Review – Thur., June 28 @ 7pm
*There will be additional meetings for Int’l Festival.


JULY: *Purchase “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life” from church.
School of Prayer – Thur., July 5 @ 7pm
School of Prayer – Thur., July 12 @ 7pm
School of Prayer – Thur., July 19 @ 7pm
School of Prayer – Thur., July 26 @ 7pm
Prep for International Festival – Fri., July 27 @ 7pm
(*There may be additional meetings for Int’l Festival.)


School of Prayer – Thur., Aug. 2 @ 7pm
School of Prayer – Thur., Aug. 9 @ 7pm
Prep for International Festival – Thur. Aug. 16 @ 7pm
International Festival – Sat., Aug 18 @ 8am – 4pm


Life of Prayer – Thur., Sept. 6 @ 7pm
Tests of a Leader – Thur., Sept 27 @ 7pm

Passing Out Door Hangers – Sat., Sept. 29 @ 9am

Sit in Women’s Team Meeting (Women only) – Fri., Oct. 12 @ 7pm
How to Prepare & Present a Message – Thur., Oct. 25 @ 7pm

Journeying with Pastor on a Sunday (We will assign Sundays).*Tuition must be paid in full.

How to Prepare and Present a Message – Fri., Nov. 2 @ 7pm

Leadership Discussion – Fri., Nov. 16 @ 7pm

FINAL SESSION: Day RetreatSat., Dec. 1 @ 8:30am – 5:00pm
SPECIAL PROJECTS:Participate in Serve the City Days.
Purchase and read, “Spirit-filled” Believers’ Handbook.
Purchase and read, “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life” (Available at church).
Team up in twos and recruit a team to pass out door hangers on designated days.
SoM class will demonstrate leadership and teamwork by hosting a booth at International Festival and raising $2000 for our We Believe Campaign through pre-sale tickets of food plates.