4 Points to a Church Planter

In the last 2 years of taking this journey as a church planter, I have learned several key points of what a church planter does.  I don't take credit for these points.  I have learned them along the way.  Most, if not all the points, I have learned from Pastor Larry Walkemeyer of Light & Life North Long Beach.

But I have worked them out in my church planting experience.  And I have experienced the importance of them in sustaining a fruitful work for the Lord.  

Chapel of Change has grown from a small home Bible study to a mid-size, multi-campus, thriving church.  I know ulitmately we have experienced this fruitfulness because of God's grace.  But I also believe God's grace taught me how to implement these points for the expansion of His Kingdom.

1. A church planter is a team builder.
This is huge.  If you cannot recruit and develop a team, you may not be a church planter.  You can be a pastor, but that doesn't mean you are a church planter.  When is the last time you built a team? Jesus built a team.  Apostle Paul built a team.  And you will need to know how to build  a team if you are going to successfully plant a church.

2. A church planter empowers leaders
I think one reason why the average church in America is like 80 people is because the pastor tries to do it all.  Effective church planters catch and release.  They build up leaders and then release them into the ministry to lead.  Imagine if you had 5 leaders who themselves had 10 people following them. Your church would already have 50 disciples.  I often ask our leaders, "Who do you have following you?"

3. A church planter casts vision
No one wants to follow someone who doesn't know where he or she is going.  What is your vision and mission?  Why does God want you to plant your church.  You will need to be able to effectively communicate what God is placing in your heart.  And not just one time either.  You will need to communicate vision all throughout the year.  Our church holds Leadership Summits quarterly.

4. A church planter raises funds
Yes, don't be afraid to ask for money.  It takes money to plant a church.  I know God will provide, but you need to ask.  What is your plan for raising funds?  How much will your church plant cost to get off the ground?  You will need to think through all this.  

BONUS POINT- A church planter knows how to take a licking and keep on ticking.
You're going to get hit – spiritually, emotionally, financially and relationally.  Your hits are going to come from all sides and from all people.  Don't take them personal.  Protect your heart.  Do like football players do when they get hit: spin and break the tackle.

Lord bless you on your journey.

P.s. – If you know someone who wants to plant a church in the next couple years, send them my way.  CoC wants to plant a church soon.

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