30 Day Church Challenge

In our first year of life, CoC did a lot of gathering.  But now it's time to focus on discipling.  Therefore we kicked off 2014 strong with a 30 Day Church Challenge aimed to teach the church the five main purposes of the church and get believers engaged in small groups.  This is in line with this year's theme of "DiscipleSHIFT."

We are serious about teaching people how to be fully, devoted disciples of Christ.

I'm pleased to announce that our 30 Day Church Challenge was a huge success.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. 100+ people engaged in small groups.
2. Sunday worship attendance in record highs.
3. Gave 67 service hours to help beautify the city.
4. Collected $500.00 to help needy families in our church.
5. The church is growing smaller (through authentic community) as it's growing larger.
6. New leaders are emerging.

Celebrate!  Chapel of Change is on the move.

P.s. On Sunday, February 16, I will be giving a historical, GINORMOUS announcement about the future of CoC.

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