The "Chapel of Change Media Arts Team" covers all aspects of  Audio/Visual.
  • Audio - Sound Mixing, Recording, Editing and Posting to the church official website.
  • Visual - Video Camera Recordings, Editing & Posting to the church official website and Chapel of Change You Tube Channel. (Chapel of Change TV) Also included is the A/V swithboard operation which edits live for the Live Streaming section.
    • Live Streaming - Streaming of Live footage to our official COC live streaming site (April 2017)
    • Computer Slide Team - Ensures the slides for Announcements and Pastor's sermon on Sundays are running smoothly.

If you're good with sound, a computer, or video camera, or want to learn, this is an exciting team for you to join.

Please contact our Interim Coordinator: Mark Diaz by email:

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer form online and one of our representatives will get back to you. Click here to sign up online:

Mark, Interim Coordinator Chapel of Change Media Arts Team
Phone:213 805 1075